Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bullied Kid Finally Snaps!

Youtube took it down but we got it here.

This is how you handle bullies. You don't run home and get a gun like a little bitch. You man up and handle it. Nobody will F*** with this kid again and everyone gets to live. Win-Win.


  1. Been there, done that. Except I got suspended for standing up for myself, and when a few of the parents at the school heard of this, they along with my parents threaten to pull their kids out of the school if the suspension was not lifted. Ultimately it was.When you threaten a small private school with less money, they listen. That was the best advice my dad ever gave me, don't start a fight but if you have to, be damn sure you you finish it. This is same things I'll tell my kids.

  2. Good for that kid. Bullies should not be tolerated. And kids who film it should be punished as well. This was a huge set up. Kids shouldn't have to put up with this nonsense. Hope the skinny kid was suspended. And no offense, Adam, with these next questions because I'm glad you put this up.
    But the questions are: who put it up on Youtube to begin with? Why is this stuff being filmed? What is happening in this culture...the filming of people being set up and beat upon?

  3. Something about this bothers me. Why is this little skinny kid taunting and actually repeatedly punching some kid twice his weight and strength? When I was a kid, the skinny little kids got picked on by the bigger stronger kids. Seems rather unlikely.

    Who is standing there with a camera, recording this, and why? Was there a reason to expect that something was about to happen? Was the cameraman on one side or the other? Or is this all a put on?

    Some answers would be appreciated, if anyone can supply them.

  4. "Why is this little skinny kid taunting and actually repeatedly punching some kid twice his weight and strength?"

    All bullies know that size doesn't mean squat, attitude means everything. If you've got size, but no will to use it, you're no more a threat than the skinniest twerp, and even more of a prime target... not only will you be able to get whatever you want from your mark, but others, who foolishly buy into the idea that size matters, will think you're even tougher than they thought, otherwise the big kid wouldn't knuckle under.

    Consult Ahmadinnerjacket in Iran or Chavez in Venezuela for further tips.

    Btw, numbers don't mean a lot either (as Alexander proved over and over again).

    Many moons ago, my two boys were getting picked on by a pair of bullies, and the 'yard monitors' wouldn't do anything about it. I talked with the teachers and told them they needed to keep in control of things. I told Ryan the next time the 'teachers' don't do anything, you've my permission, and orders, to nail them. I knew the punks, and I knew Ryan, and I knew what they didn't know... Ryan unleashed would wipe the floor with them. They did it again, the teachers did nothing, Ryan bloodied them both. His little brother never put up with a bully again either.

    The teachers didn't bother trying to collect on the shelves one of the bodies busted up.

    Bullies. phlbbtttttttt.

    My bet would be that the camera kid was a friend of the bully... wish his camera had been smashed up too. This spectator stuff is a way for wannabe bullies to participate in the thrill of bullying without the risk. It's bad stuff to be sure, but when you are taught that Right and Wrong are less important (if at all) than getting what you need, in order to do what you want (anyone read between the lines of their local school's mission statement lately?), the lesson will be learned and applied in ways never even considered.

  5. Good for him!! I hope that little brat's leg hurts for a long time!!!

  6. I wonder which of the two will turn to the government for all solutions.

    Actually, I already know.

  7. Well done! He makes his point – emphatically – and walks away. No doubt he was capable of a lot more damage. Glad he didn't let his emotions take over.

  8. For some folks its the smaller guy that is the victim. I will tell you from personal experience that some of the worst bullys are smaller than the the people they bully, the get away with more often because of there small size, and people expect a larger person to just " ignore them" because "you might hurt them" and most of the time thats the case. the little S**t got exactly what he deserved.


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