Saturday, January 8, 2011

Video: Giffords Alleged Shooter, Jared Loughner, Motives and Background

HT- C Steven Tucker.


  1. I have already heard that this shooting was because of the shooters hatred of the Congresswoman's stand on immigration. You know, it's possible the REAL people of this country will recognize the similarities of many of these actions to the early stages of Hitler's ascension. Blame the (fill in the blank) and have a drooling media to merrilly go along with the fantasy. Create crisis so that maybe martial law can be imposed, and liberties suspended. Oh, by the way, Janie Pooh, if you were really born again, why can't you realize that the current definition of Separation of State/religion is really nothing but a state theocracy with "gifted individuals" being the Ayatollahs? Oh, and VP Biden, would FDR have jumped up and gotten on television in 1929 and declared his indignation, despite his participation on the Kingfishers demise? Right!

  2. violence begats violence, and certainly the favorite reading materials of this nut job, mein kamfp and the communist manafesto if you follow the author of both of these readings the way they were meant to be followed violence is what follows, and this is exactly opposite of what the tea party is all about.


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