Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Tone: Republicans Are Nazis For Opposing ObamaCare.


  1. Yeah The Great society, and social insecurity, that was instead of embraced by society, was shoved down peoples throats, and like Obamacare, a bill that ya all didnt read before you signed it, and again you shovel down americas' throat, and keep telling us that " it good for you, its good for you." just like Joesph Gerbels the propaganda minister for the nazi party in 1939. EVERYBODY 1-2-3 HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!

  2. Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and Libertarian/Tea Bag doomsayers alike FIRST ACCUSED COHEN of approving of concentration camps in the US...

    Can you say HYPOCRITE.

    If you don't want Cohen comparing to Goebbells, then DON'T LIE AND SAY HE'S BUILDING FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Telling everyone a man named Cohen is going to put them in a Fema Camp...that sounds like a REAL blood libel to me.

    No wonder people go nuts.


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