Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ed Schultz Laughs at Congress Reading the Constitution


  1. its laughable because everyone in that room should already be familiar with the constitution to say the least, their time is better served doing other things. You needed that spelled out for you Mr. Elbows?

  2. If they read a letter from your mother you would laugh at them because thats what you're programed to do little man. Go lockstep along with the current leftist media attack like the irrelevant tool you are.

  3. there is nothing I hate more than those lefties elites in the liberal jew run media. I mean I can name all of those big liberal publications, the wall street journal, the washington times, ny post, the washington inquirer, the national review, the american spectator, and the weekly standard, not to mention FOX NEWS!!!!! Oh I'm mistaken those are all publications that are right of center in their political leanings. I dont mind them though there is a place for conservative ideas, but those ideas need and should be criticized. Nice name calling though, little man and tool, i'm impressed.


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