Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Kos Put a Bulls Eye on Giffords in 08.

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  1. THANK YOU - THANK YOU for posting this!

    Common Cents

  2. why so defensive?

  3. whoever the fuck runs this blog is sick! You are using your little platform to wage war on fellow americans. What is your objective? I demand you to tell me. What is it? What is your point, so the left is to blame over 6 deaths? What now, what now happens? Do we not vote for democrats? Do we hail only to one party? do you not believe in democracy? What point are you trying to get across? No fucking clips no fucking snarky dialogue? What is your point flat out! You have a blog what do you think?

  4. bullet safety, clip safety, gun safety you idiots, do you know who makes money from the NRA?

  5. "Shoot an M16 with Jesse Kelly to defeat Gabby Giffords"

    Why does Adam ignore that little tidbit. Deceptive editing there.

    Or the fact that Palin BLATANTLY LIED about Surveyor Symbols, yet her ad said "GET ON TARGET".

    On top of that, Palin's ad sparked broken windows and death threats the past year, Giffords calling her out on it March of 2010, yet of course, no conservative will dare touch these facts.

  6. Other "selective editing" by GOP and Adam

    1. Right wing talk radio/news/conservatives IMMEDIATELY tried to paint Loughner as a liberal YET HYPOCRITICALLY say "let's not politicize this, it's an APOLITICAL shooting, but he's a lefty" Get real.

    2. Loughner has the following conservative traits THAT ALL CONSERVATIVES IGNORE and won't admit
    a. Follower of Sovereign Citizen, a RW org.
    b. Obsessed with Gold Standards and currency, a Libertarian/Glen Beck scheme to steal people of their life savings.
    c. Reads Ayn Rand and a host of RW magazines listed on his YT page
    d. Didn't like that Obama sued AZ over the immigration law
    e. SPECIFICALLY TARGETTED A DEMOCRAT, STALKING HER FOR a few years before the shooting
    f. Complained about non English speaking immigrants, specifically pointing out the 8th district.

    Yet, he's automatically a liberal because he read the Communist Manifesto.

    Illegal Wars comment on his Pima College video is also a Libertarian position, yet automatically blamed on Progs/Liberals. But note, Obama escalated the war on what does that say about Loughner's thoughts on the president?

    IMO - Loughner is best described as a Libertarian/NWO doomsday nut, prone to the fear mongering campaigns such as NWO, Bilderberg Group, Global takeover - Alex Jones/Glen Beck type crap.

    People are mad because too many GOP candidates, mostly the unsuccessful ones and pundits, LIKE VULTURES, PLAY TO THE FEARS of this demographic. It wasn't long ago Byron Williams tried to blow up/shoot up the Tides Foundation.

    And what is so fascist or regulatory about not wanting a gun sold to a nut job with a criminal record, a drug habit, and kicked out of the military and college? Is that "too much regulation". Do conservatives really think a Walmart Clerk making 8 bucks an hour should make that decision? I'm just asking questions.


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