Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buh Bye Douche Bag! Olbermann OUT at MSNBC.

Listen as Keith kisses his own ass on the way out the door.

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  1. Maybe you should've listened to him - could've avoided an unnecessary war (By Bush's own admission) and saved a few thousand lives.

    But sure, call him a douchebag.

  2. Adam you want to apologize for the few thousand US troops you had killed by supporting Bush and calling people like KO a douchebag, unpatriot, and socialist.

    They're blood is partly on your hands.

    PS - and you're country would be a few trillion less debt if you just listened.

  3. Adam, is anyone who is a critic of fox news also a douchebag?

  4. Oh happy day! I am so glad this low life scumbag is gone, I am sure he will show up somewhere else as a lesion on the ass of life but for now :)

  5. "...Keith kisses his own ass on the way out the door" - Now that's pucker power.

  6. Wow. He's still dwelling on his dismissal from ESPN on the eve of being dismissed from msnbc. How pathetic.

  7. Here's a real douchebag ""

    I guess the GOP really meant it when they said, "when ballots don't work, use bullets".

    Tell the Pig to go to Afghanistan. He can shoot Taliban in the head to get their seats replaced instead.

  8. Bush bashing by the deranged collectivists continues. meanwhile, 50 million mideastern people now enjoy freedoms and liberties denied by the now DEAD totalitarian leaders (hussein et al). Uber-douch quietly counts his million$ waiting for his next opportunity to assault the good ol USA and its patriotic citizenry. sounds like karma caught up with that old creepy fart. I got an idea, they should create a fictional TV show about a crazed lefty news anchor who wants to use his position to lecture us and save us from the good people. GE would be glad to sponsor that type of thing. We could all watch it by candlelight on our 42" LCD's, ha ha.

  9. News Flash: UberDouche lands position on Al Gore's exciting TV channel! All 7 people who watch Gore's channel will now get to see Keith set up his straw men then flamboyantly knock them down.
    The question is, with Olberman on Gore's channel is; WHO is the BIGGER douchebag? Gore or Olberman?


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