Sunday, January 9, 2011

AZ Shooter's Choice Of Music Sheds More Light.

It was reported by friends of Jared Loughner that he was heavily into the band Anti-Flag.

From wikipedia: known for its outspoken political views. Much of the band's lyrics have focused on fervent anti-war activism, criticism of United States foreign policy, corporatism, U.S. wealth distribution, and various sociopolitical sentiments.

You won't catch these guys playing at a Tea Party anytime soon.


  1. didnt he try to join the military and was rejected? We have no way to figure out if this was politically motivated just yet, but its funny how this has put your "populist" movement on a hurried defense. I dont think sarah palins cross hairs website would drive a crazy man to kill someone but i'm pretty sure she wishes she would have never have been affiliated with it. But on a different note are these the 2nd amendment remedies Sharon Angle was speaking of?

  2. I don't believe these whinny little kids have ever served their Country honorably or are appreciative of those who do.

  3. why so defensive?

  4. And many anarchist Libertarians burn the US Flag - see Texas Separatists on Youtube. It's a form of protest agsinst the Federal government and in favor of States rights for some nut jobs.


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