Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Neville Chamberlain?

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  1. I'm tired of hearing "tax cuts for the rich". The tax cuts are for everyone, and why should we continue to pay people for not working? What is wrong with these people? Why do they so virulently hate successful people? Olbermann talks about the government giving money to people. They actually believe it's their money! It's not the government's money, it's ours!!

  2. Reports are that this self-righteous-spewing commentator makes $7.5 Mil. Thanks for trying to lookout for the less-than $250,000 earners, Mr. O, but we don't begrudge anyone making money. Please, spend it, invest it, save it in a shoe box or give it away. YOU should have control over your money, and I support that.
    Call a professional in the construction business; we would love to help you spend your excess income through the private sector.

  3. So...Nancy Pelosi says that for every dollar that we give someone in unemployment benefits it brings back more into than a dollar to our economy. Now we have Keith telling us that the unemployed are the job creators. No wonder with Liberals in control of the Federal Government we are so economically in the toilet! They haven't a clue how Capitalism works!


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