Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whoopi's Completely Rational Explanation For Her View Walk Out.

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  1. Whoopie "explains" her walkout?

    THAT was the explanation?

    Is David Duke a ‘racial supremacist who happens to be white’, or is he a ‘white supremacist’?
    The left have twisted logic around so much that its paintful to watch. When I say humans were responsible for 9/11. Do I mean ALL HUMANS?!?
    Its the same thing when I say males were responsible for 9/11... or Muslims were responsible.

    Can someone say, “I’m a Nazi, but I didn’t kill anyone?”

    Whoopi Goldberg. A real mental giant.
    Somehow she reached the most outrageous conclusion that Bill O’Reilly was branding Kareem Abdul Jabar, and Mohamed Ali when he rightly identified Muslims as the attackers on 9-11.
    Did any of you hear him say that? Of course not. And yet somehow this was her way of condemning O’Reilly for pointing to the obvious.
    Though Whoopi Goldberg appears clueless about Islam and the jihad imperatives, and I doubt that she would ever take the time to read anything about why Muslims attacked us on 9-11, or why they have been committing jihad against the infidel all over the world continuously.
    The only thing I would suggest to O’Reilly, is that he point his finger directly at Islam rather than at Muslims.
    As Geert Wilders has pointed out many times ”There are moderate Muslims but there is no moderate Islam."


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