Thursday, November 18, 2010


I like Sarah Palin. I think Sarah Palin would make a good President. I think she is smart, capable and worthy of the job.

However, it's time for us on the right to wake up to the fact that we will lose if Sara Palin is our candidate. Her negatives (poll numbers) are as high as 52% and that is only going to get worse due to constant media attack.

America took a leap of faith with the Presidency in 2008. We all saw how that worked out. America will not do it again in 2012.

The way I see it she's the only one that could lose.


  1. Absolutely right. I don't care for her myself but I have not understood the rabid hatred towards her from the left. I think that if she ran that would fuel the left to fight with a vengeance whereas another candidate would just be met with apathy. Sorry Sarah, maybe next time.

  2. This might be the first thing I ever heard you say that made any sense. Good job little fella.

  3. She scares the hell out of them. It's like Rush says, they always tell you what they fear. I agree with your point, but I will tell you this. If Palin is up for it, she'd be perfect to draw all their fire and waste a ton of their money in the meantime, the more they come against her the more credibility they lose. Palin will serve a purpose, like you said she's smart, and she's willing to say much of what needs to be said, other candidates simply won't. More than Palin, I dread Romney, he believes it's his turn, and that is very dangerous.

  4. How do you *know* she would lose?

    Or that any other GOP candidate would win?

    C'mon, man. Chill-ax.

  5. So lets continue to elect the useless Washington establishment. We all know the media's agenda but we're supposed to let the "constant media attack" be a deciding factor? We're all stuck on stupid if thats the case.

    Palin wouldn't be my first choice but I'm tired of being told who we can choose while the nation crumbles. We need to organize in a stronger way so we can tell the media they don't matter anymore. So that we can pick candidates from amongst ourselves that have real character. It's getting very late people.

  6. I don't think she'll run, not this time. Her family has too many young children. She will continue to be a fund raiser and a king maker. She will also drive the liberals off the cliff with their hate of her and will nurture that waste of energy to conservative advantage.


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