Friday, November 5, 2010

Phil Hare's Top Aid Keeps It Classy During "Concession" Speech.


  1. Sharp, you deserve alot of credit for outing this Demonrat. 4:19 mark the stooge says everyone is protected equally, that's why he was for amnesty. Even the obamascare does not cover everyone. This roomful of commies do not understand American reality. Thank you Sharp, for a job well done. Lars

  2. This is actually a great speech. If this guy was speaking on Hare's behalf they may have salvaged a few thousand votes.

  3. Just want to second Lars comment. Thanks for exposing Hare’s leftist leanings. If not for your efforts, Hare could have been automatically reelected by an uninformed public. Don’t stop now... without accountability anyone in public office – left or right – has the ability to abuse their Constitutional limits. Thanks for helping to protect our liberty from government and mainstream media fascism.

  4. "This State and this country is better for it," they are better for it when they FIRED this Statist on November 2, 2010.This Spokesman is sticking by Phil and his comments about the Constitution; that there are more important things than the Constitution.Apparently, he does not know the Constitution is the RULE-BOOK. He talks about Phil being for AMNESTY for illegals claiming the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. That is TRUE, however we are a sovereign nation with rules of LAW. There is a process to become a US citizen, however this spokesman and Phil Hare do not believe in the law. Then he talks about Phil Hare's father dying from cancer and he is proud of his vote on Obamacare. It sounds like Phil's father was receiving treatment, yet still died. News Flash, we are all going to DIE. BTW Obamacare was about CONTROL not healthcare. So I say GOOD JOB Adam for exposing this SOCIALIST to the American people and because of it the PEOPLE fired this STATIST. And like the spokesman said, however for other reasons this country is better off for it.

  5. Well, at least the two of them can have time for a nice honeymoon now.

  6. At 2:42 he talks about your video, and sums up why it was so important that you made it - he still supports Hare's comments in your video,

    "How many people actually took the time to listen to what he was saying healthcare is a matter of life and death and I'm not going to live in a country where you can get sick and die because you can't afford healthcare. He said healthcare is a right, not a priveledge"

    IOW he was saying just what he said "I don't care about the Constitution".

    The people heard him loud and clear. Their reply?

    'Na na na nah, hey hey hey, good-bye!!!'


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