Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ed Schultz Wants The Law To Shut You Up.

Once again THE LEFT is threatening liberty.


  1. Ed is such a complete and unrepentent moron!!

    Imagine that, two race card players whining like they've never stuck their own feet into their mouths...

    Remember its insulting to out a liberal member of the party of the seditious & sleazy for what they are...


  2. the guy's an idiot, does he even get ratings in positive numbers? Good pix of Rush! you guys kinda' looked alike BEFORE he lost 100#, so now you're the only fat arse in the crowd.

  3. They want to censor free speech. The race card is a convenient way to make that case. The Left are master manipulators, but they should know that the door swings both ways; dictatorial control can come from the left or the right, and it needs constant vigilance. If the Left successfully make this case, they could eventually find themselves on the wrong side of the door. Better to practice decency than have it enforced. Something Ed knows little of.


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