Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Schakowsky's Meltdown. FULL Report.

If you liked the teaser video from Monday, You MUST see this.


  1. Where is your footage of her opponent and these same questions?

    Especially the closing comment personal attack on Schkowsky and her husband?

    If you DO not present these same questions or similar questions to her opponent then she is correct in her stance that you're 'tracking' her or as I would put it video stalking her

    Big Gov't is a BLOG, and not a news source, unless you give crediability to HuffPo as well, do you all give the same credibility to those blog sites as you are wanting for the 'Big' sites?

    On a specific point, until you folks get real about removing the antitrust exemption that insurance companies enjoy then any discussion about healthcare sales 'across state lines' is a JOKE

    Where in the Constitution does it NOT allow for this healthcare legislation? What about SSA and Medicare?

    Be sure to check how well the supreme court challenge to the SSA went... Precedent was set there so you might want to review your judicial history to see how well you'll fare with any challenge with the current healthcare legislation... LOL

  2. Rob- Schakowsky is an elected official. Pollak is not. This simply means that there are questions which Schakowsky has earned that Pollak has not. Pollak has no voting record, so it is kind of hard to ask him questions regarding his support of the legislation Jan is being questioned about.

  3. That is a cop out, focus on one candidate and not the other and act the apologist for those 'reporting' from a debate?

    Lacks consistency and integrity to those that deserve to be given views from both parties seeking that office...

  4. FDR set up Social Security as a slush fund to be used by the Democrat/Statists. The money was never meant to be paid out. The life expectancy for males was 61.4 years and 65.7 years for females when it was implemented. They made the retirement age 65.When it was brought to court they claimed it was a TAX, which is in the Constitution (the power to tax). Also not everyone was forced to pay into Social Security and today it is bankrupt. Obamacare is about CONTROL, not healthcare.They will be able to control your lifestyle and what you eat, because everything you do can be tied to healthcare.The ink wasn't even dry when King Bloomberg of New York banned salt.Ironically, Bloomberg put out a pamphlet showing drug users how to shoot up heroin correctly. Congress does NOT have the authority to mandate that citizens must purchase healthcare insurance and Obamacare needs to be REPEALED.
    Greg Zotta
    Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

  5. Well Rob, then I suggest you get off your couch and make a video focusing on the candidate of your choosing? My guess is that Joel Pollak would love the attention.

  6. Did she actually say that we are beginning to see refugees because of climate change? I heard that correctly, yes? It is embarrassing to live in the district that keeps re-electing this woman.


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