Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lying NAACP Rep Doubles Down on BS Tea Party Racism Charge.

Why would anyone believe anything this guy says?


  1. Maybe they can use that report as toilet paper. Good job Ben.Adufus is a LIAR and a RACE-BAITER and should not be taken seriously.

  2. Yes Pruitt again lying/ making a completely false statement!! As a member of the Sikeston TEA Party, I can ASSURE you & ANYONE else that would want to respute it! We do police our events to assure that anything racist WILL NOT be tolerated! Our July event we even HONORED our black founding fathers and had 2 EXCELLANT black speakers!
    We contacted Mr Hoskins(re:hanging effigy) as WE nor anyone had NEVER seen him. He confirmed that he has 'never been to a TEA Party & was totally unaware of WHO we are or wht we represent! I think Mr. Pruitt - should contact us WITH an apology for this slanderous false allegation!!


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