Wednesday, September 22, 2010

StainD Front Man Aaron Lewis Performs a Tea Party Anthem.

Heard This on The Wilkow Majority Today.(Sirius Patriot 145)
I've always been a HUGE StainD fan and was heartened to hear this patriotic tune from a successful rock musician.
If you want to see Aaron perform live, click here for ticket info. He'll be playing The Pageant in St. Louis on Oct. 28th 2010. I'll be there with my Gadsden Flag. Come out and support one of the good guys in the music biz.


  1. Man I wish Fred durst could bust a rhyme with Aaron on this track. You would be a fan of Stained, this makes a lot of sense actually.

  2. You like Fred Durst? That's pretty lame.

  3. you obviously do not understand sarcasm.

  4. It makes sense that the tea party would be fans of Staind. Listen to their first album (not that's any good) and then listen to the rest of the junk they have put out. !SELLOUTS!(how could you support Ed Scum of the Earth Martin?) Lewis is talented but just LAME.


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