Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stewart Says Breitbart The Most Honest Person Involved In The Sherrod Mess.

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  1. You dumbass, teabaggin' Lemay Hoosier. Stewart, was using sarcasm... oh fuck you "Moran Guy"

  2. wow, such hate in that post. I thought your side of the spectrum was all about tolerance and love and understanding everyone? Oh wait, that's only when everyone thinks the same as you.

  3. And it doesn't explain the members of the NAACP cheering when she announced she didn't help a white farmer. She may have learned her lesson, she may have grown a conscience, however at that moment she was being cheered for not helping a white person. And to downplay any person for talking about killing people and babies is morbidly wrong and priorities need to be readjusted on that whole thing.

  4. Watch the whole unedited video you stupid teabagger.

  5. Do you know what a teabagger is? How is that a bad thing? If you truly know what a teabagger is, wouldn't someone want to be the teabagger rather than the teabaggEE?

    oh, and the NAACP does applaud when she announces how she did not help a white person. I did watch the full video. From the NAACP site actually, and there's quite a good fade out and in at minute 21 give or take a few seconds...i'd be interested in seeing that edited footage, because you can't fade out and back in by recording, only by editing.

  6. Yea, I do know what a "teabagger" is , look up lazyass, Lemay Hoosier, in the dictionary, they have your picture there.

  7. you keep thinkong you know everything...lol "momma"


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