Wednesday, July 21, 2010

St. Louis County Tampering With Absentee Ballots?

Prop C: The HealthCare Freedom Act will be on the ballot on Aug 3rd in Missouri. It's meant to protect the sovereign state of Missouri from the coming ObamaCare Tyranny.
Apparently those who control the absentee ballots in St. Louis county don't favor this proposition.
This lady received her absentee ballot with "NO" already marked for Prop C.

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  1. That is the problem with absentee or early voting. Who is watching the ballots? This leads to voter fraud. The integrity of the election process must be preserved and is tantamount to having a true representative government.Voting is a privilege and a right. It is one of the greatest responsibilities you have as a US citizen, because you are voting on issues and people that will affect your life. To eliminate corruption and restore integrity and faith in the election process I suggest the following: Once registered the people would bring a photo id to the polling place on the day of the election. Election Day would be a national holiday and it would be for a twenty-four hour period. Voting should be done with paper ballots. The names of the candidates and measures that the voter wants to vote for are circled, eliminating the controversy of hanging chad or marking the wrong box. The ballots are kept in a container at the polling place until the polls are closed. The votes are then counted by the judges with the opposition parties overseeing the count to be sure it is being recorded accurately. The results are then phoned into a central database.
    Greg Zotta
    Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22


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