Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Soakers Yes. Super Tankers No.

While Joe Biden is running around squirting people with water guns and Obama's speech writers are playing shirtless beer pong, no one seems to be listening to the experts on this oil spill thing. Obama is saying that he is doing everything possible to fix this. Yet Esquire Magazine is reporting: "Nearly 50 Supertankers Are Waiting for BP (and On the Cheap)...to clean up the Gulf"
This is the same way they cleaned up the Persian Gulf back in the 90's. Basically giant shop vacs that separate the water from the oil.
They're ready. They're just waiting for the call. They've been waiting 50 days now. I suppose the tankers cost BP more than they want to spend. And since the biggest BP puppet in history is sitting in the oval office don't count on Obama insisting those tankers get there any time soon.
Update: More solutions being ignored.

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