Saturday, June 12, 2010

Obama "Can't Suck It Up With a Straw"

Actually Barry, You CAN suck it up with a straw. They're called supertankers and that's exactly what they do. They suck up the oil with a giant straw and separate the oil from the water. There are at least 50 of these standing by waiting for a call from you Mr. President. Why are they not there? Almost 2 months and still nothing.
Even Rolling Stone Mag is bashing him...I love it.

Here's an expert explaining the "super suck" option.

Why hasn't President Obama DEMANDED that BP bring in this system? We know that BP has NOT refused ANY government orders. Therefore IT IS Obama's fault that this system is not in place.
WHY? Maybe it's because no one EVER has taken more money from BP than President Obama. He's BP's Bitch, and they're taking full advantage.

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