Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Religion of Peace: Violent Muslims Attack Free Speech Panel.

My favorite is the guy in the back who cheers on the chaos and the picks up his young daughter. Look how they're raising thier children....we are soooo f*cked.

via Gateway Pundit


  1. That guy in the front row a few seats from the left...got in wrong position at wrong time. Turns out he was pretty badly hurt. You can't see the blood but he took a stick in the jaw. The cops (security guys actually by the looks of it) were overmatched, untrained, and did the best they could do. That lady who tackled that guy on far left late in the video, she rode that bucking bronco dude when a whole lot of ladies would never have even dreamed of trying it. Bless the security guys..you just KNOW they weren't paid enough for that night's shift!

  2. I think what set them off was the picture, right at the beginning of the clip, where it looked like they had cropped a picture of Mohammed's head on perhaps another inappropriate picture. Now, I don’t condone the people’s reactions or the guy’s free speech. However, if I was there and they did that to a picture of Jesus, I wouldn't appreciate it either.

  3. since the founding of their respective religions, christians have killed far more people in the name of their god than muslims have.


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