Friday, May 7, 2010

RubberStamp Russ Using Tax Dollars to Mail "Updates" to Voters.

These trifold, full color, glossy brochures are being mailed out all over Missouri's 3rd district. Full of bullsh*t claims about the success of the stimulus and lowering heath care costs, these tax payer funded ads might as well say "Vote For Russ" on them. This has got to be against election rules or something right?

It's not like Russ gives a flying rat's a$$ about rules anyway. Just check out the shenanigans he's up to with his sweet rich guy yacht. He docks it in Illinois, presumably to avoid taxes. Since I am lucky enough to have Russy Boy as my representative I received one of these "updates". I actually found it useful as you can see below.

UPDATE: More 3rd District residents find Russy's "Updates" Useful. This From Donna:

Kinda gross but too funny not to post. Reduce Recycle Reuse.


  1. I got a large, slick piece in the 1st district from Lacy Clay. I'd send a picture, but it looks like it went out with the recycling.

  2. Adam,

    I used my tri-fold, full color, glossy brochure from Russ Carnahan to clean up the mess that the family dog left on the lawn this morning.

    Unfortunately we don’t have a bull. That would have been a more appropriate use for the Carnahan “Update”.

    Check your email for a photo.

  3. I just received one yesterday trying to convince me that Porkulus is creating a stronger economy. I'm saving it for my scrapbook of Congressmen sent packing after November 2010.

  4. I didn't get one, I guess he thought I was a lost cause with all the emails I send on not to vote for Cap & Trade, Healthcare and whatever is up that is not good for the country and heavy in spending.

  5. Russ is my "guy" too.
    I heard him speak to the SoCo Chamber what, maybe 12-16 months ago. he spouted a bunch of crap on health care and you could tell he was towing the party line, didn't know what he was talking about and didn't didn't care. Most everyone had the same reaction. It was like watching a bad comedian losing his audience. He doesn't represent anyone but himself.


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