Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Obama Uses Sexually Explicit Term To Describe Those Who Dare Disagree With Him.

Next time anyone calls me a teabagger including The President, I'm gonna have to insist that I demonstrate teabagging on them. Just to make sure they know exactly what they're saying.
Open wide Barry.


  1. Why would you want to demonstrate your tea bagging?

    Get over yourself, for as much as you and the fellow teahadists use terms and sarcasm for those you oppose you'd think you could take it for as much as you dish it...

    If you can't, then stop dishing it out... thin skin indeed

  2. the president should be above all that...but he hs ZERO class

  3. One would hope that come next election we will put him back in the 'hood where is speech is more acceptable.

  4. Both replies prove an interesting point,thin skin indeed, if you can't take it don't dish it

    Come next election your influence doesn't look to matter


    For all the 'outrage' very little translates into voting action it seems

  5. Poor white trash idiots from Lemay. seem to be the most ignorant of Hillbillie Teabaggers around. What would you know about class, or any thing for that matter. Keep whining teabagger.

  6. Wow. What a classy man, Maobama is. Heckuva job, Barry! He's only leading by example as he follows that most noble Alinksy way. That's right Obamaphiles, go follow your Dear Leader and see where that gets you. Enjoy your sticky political end and I'll enjoy all the wailing and gnashing of your teeth.

  7. Obamawinds, your nose is tickling my scrotum you are such a good teabagee, OHHHHH I love it


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