Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Pro-Amnesty Protesters Saying Dumb S***


  1. Oh my! How sad was that?? Hey dude,,, you with the hat that you can't put on straight. What's your IQ? Can't be too high if you don't know how to wear your hat! And the Che guy. I find it interesting that he can spew his second hand crap in a country where he's allowed free speech. I would suggest his take his rhetoric to Cuba and see how far he gets with his pretty red shirt! If he doesn't like a capitalistic society he should get out of the US and see how much success he has somewhere else. And he doesn't think there should be a leader or spokesperson? Yah, I think a few years in Cuba would be a great fit for this nitwit. And he could take crooked hat with him. And to think these morons will have the right to vote... but I don't think they get that in Cuba. Power to Che you morons.


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