Saturday, May 1, 2010

Michelle Obama's Fashion Designer Going Out Of Business?

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  1. Really Adam Sharp? As a far right loon I wouldnt take you for a New York Gay? I thought you were a real american?

  2. what the hell kind of bigoted comment is that? you are a homophobe.

  3. seems it was an honest comment, why are you all worried about her fashion?

    what man worries about a woman's fashion that's not his girlfriend or wife?

  4. She is bringing herself DOWN to the level of THE PEOPLE to attempt to cover up her true status of the helper and great influencer of the greatest liar and tyrant that has called himself President of the United States in our history.
    Got that?

  5. your response further proves the fact that you are a homophobe.

  6. That woman is a disgrace to this country! What she wears makes a great deal of difference -- right up to all her sleeveless, tasteless formal attire and down to her cut-offs.

  7. God forbid she take the opportunity to dress as she feels fit to wear.

    Sour grapes about losing this past election has caused all you to lose a great deal of balance of perception over what is important and what isn't

    This 'issue' falls into the latter category...

    Have to hand it to you 'haters' about being able to create controversy about just about anything this president and his family

  8. 1st Lady? You're kidding right?

    Yep, that's us, "haters" HAHAHALOSERHAHAHA


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