Sunday, May 16, 2010

I May Move to Alabama Just so I Can Vote for This Dude!

Hot Air posts this vid asking "Greatest Political Ad Ever?" Answer: Hell Yes.


  1. It does kinda' concern me that he has his finger on the trigger of his weapon there. It would have sucked had it fired accidentally and taken out the camera guy. Or worse, killed his horse. It's easier to find a new camera guy.

  2. Please do move there, you'll be in good company and like minded folks.. You and they deserve each other.


  3. I see some poor lib that is afraid to show their real identity , yet has the brass to talk crap. Typical cowardice liberal thinking.Just keep hiding behind your screen like you are superior and tough!

    I like this guy and I want him to move to Missouri and run for Governor here! He'd win in a land slide!

    Also cat. I'm pretty sure the rifle wasn't loaded lol

  4. Yee Haa! I bet the "anonymous" libs out there were peeing in their pants after watching this. Sorry Bama(as in Ala-) , but I want this guy in Washington. Tell me, who would faint first if they had to confront Mr. Robertson, Pelosi or Reid?


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