Sunday, May 16, 2010

BUYcott Arizona!!

Use your dollars as weapons in the war against ILLEGAL immigration. Support The Great State of Arizona by taking part in the BUYcott. Purchase products made in Arizona or better yet hit the road and visit The Grand Canyon State.

Click here for details on the Arizona BUYcott


  1. hear here

    eat more chili from AZ despite NM makes a better spice

  2. I love AZ and if I could. I would move there in support!

  3. I've already re-subscribed with GoDaddy, an AZ Co. despite sub-par performance. I was going to switch my dns service, but staying with them until the "other cott" is over.

  4. I have a president who supports human trafficking. Me, I'll support Arizona.

  5. Have wanted to live in Arizona most of my life. I spent my youth water skiing Lake Havasu before
    it was an in thing to do. LOVE YOU ARIZONA.
    Trying to find what I can mail-order from Ariz.


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