Monday, May 31, 2010

Hero Obama Saves Crowd From Rain!

Wow! What Leadership!

This just goes to show the respect he has for America's fallen heroes. Some gave up their lives for our country and he can't even speak in the rain?
I bet if it was a speech honoring Bill Ayers He woulda stuck it out and finished.
The rain came and he saw a chance to bail and he took it.


  1. God thought his presence was an insult to the patriots who died for what he is trying to destroy.
    I had a fleeting surge of power run through my veins as he ran for the safety of his vehicle.

  2. He was afraid he would be struck by lightening.

  3. HC... Nicely put. Could we get lucky enough with a lightening strike? THAT would send a true message!

  4. I realize now what he is actually qualified to do: directing passengers to various lines at the Atlanta airport, for TSA. Sorta reminds me of all the young girls they hired to "faint" at his speeches during the campaign...


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