Thursday, May 6, 2010

Congressman Says TEA Party "One of the Largest Threats to Our Internal Security"

Hat tip: Infidel Joe.


  1. One more comment.
    That should be "Internet" security, to be even MORE timely.

  2. The Tea Party is beginning to be a threat to all incompetent politicians who forget that they represent the American public, and not their party.... This is just the beginning of our outcries!!!!

  3. Rep. Carson believes the Tea-Party Protesters are racist white supremacists and are a danger to this country. That is why Rep. Carson and his ilk need to be fired in November. He says he worked in homeland security? No wonder this country has a problem with illegal immigration and Muslim jihadists that are intent on harming/killing Americans with his kind of logic. He talks about racism, but fails to mention the “Obama” who is fanning the flames of racism regarding the immigration law in Arizona. The reason they passed the law is that the Obama administration is refusing to secure our borders and enforce our laws. They have been busy going after the people who are protecting us like the Navy Seals. Obama has sent attorneys to the Gulf regarding the oil spill and to Arizona to make sure no ones civil rights are being violated. That’s strange, because it was Obama’s justice department that dropped the charges against the Black Panthers in Philadelphia, who were intimidating voters in the 2008 election. Then again, Carson is following the template of the Obama administration, the DNC and the Lame-Stream Media when it comes to the patriotic Tea-Party protesters, portraying them as racists, mobsters, kooks, wingnuts, tea-baggers, Nazi’s, astro turf etc. Instead of who they really are, concerned patriotic citizens, who love their country, but are concerned about the direction this country is headed and are execising their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.
    Greg Zotta
    Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22

  4. Mr. Zotta,
    What an elegant and profound way to respond to this nut job. I too am getting warmed up to send this guy a piece of my mind. I'm so sick of these left wing liberals who don't understand a thing calling out people who simply have the best interest of this country at heart. If your names shows up on my ballot, you have my word that I'll vote for you. We need so many more just like YOU! Thank you for speaking out.

  5. I wish I lived in Missouri, instead of Illinois, so I could vote for you. Well I wish I lived in Missouri instead of Illinois for many reasons, but that would be a top one. Maybe I could emulate St Clair County politics and come over and vote a couple times for you anyway. Mike Koetting


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