Monday, May 10, 2010

Commie School Teacher Calls For Anti-Capitalist Revolution.

The Teacher's Unions will probably give this asshole an award.


  1. He was identified on the YouTube site as a UCLA professor, and he references UCLA towards the end of his idiocy.

  2. Hey isn't this seditious speech? Like what Joe Klein was accusing Beck & Rush of?

    Wonder of Joe Klein will call him out for it too? I am not holding my breath.

  3. A Los Angeles, California “teacher” was at a UCLA rally and called for a Mexican revolution against the United States of America. In his rant he says this is a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism and they are standing on stolen occupied Mexico, (I guess referring to California and the southwest states). He calls for a revolution against racist white people.He extols the virtue of LARAZA, Hugo Chavez, Castro, Che Guevara and claims there are 40 million Mexicans north of the Rio Grande inside the belly of the beast to join in the revolution. He says the fight is not against the Minutemen.It is against imperialism and capitalism,which is the USA, although Obama is trying to change that. You have heard the rally cry/phrase, “Remember the Alamo”, but I say. “Remember the after-math of the Alamo.”

    Greg Zotta
    Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22


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