Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sharp Overload.

Here's my TEA Party speech.
Dr. Gina Loudon and I were guests on "Extra Edition" on KMOV Saturday Morning. We discussed the TEA Party one year later and the "Nazi" infiltrator.(Who I'm convinced was a plant btw)
Last but not least, here's a quick interview I did with the guys from Slaughtered


  1. Sooperb! four?
    You speak well!

  2. Gina: "The real power of the Tea Party is to hold the Republican party true to it's platform, and in fact is even giving Democrats who are a little more conservative, the courage to go ahead and be conservative and democrat...our purpose is to give accountability to the true principles of our country"

    Adam: "Taking the GOP back with conservative candidates, not big govt spenders, RINO's... 3rd party is a prescription for disaster..."

    Double Jackpot!

  3. Awwwwwwwshit!!!!! Adam is FAMOUS!!! I can see by that beer belly you stopped working out a while ago. I bet you are one of those silly little bitches with 2 or 3 "Tap Out" "tea"-shirts...LOL!

    But what we all that you don't have a hair on your ass...

  4. Isn't it fun when a mindless leftist paints us such a clear word portrait of themselves? Unsightly, sure, but funny!

  5. Yea Yea elmo-we already know the procedure. When you're too dense or infantile to debate intelligently you attack the person or the message. Another Alinsky/Obama "bot" response. Are these Alinsky/Obama "bots" programmed in a factory somewhere?

  6. ' Are these Alinsky/Obama "bots" programmed in a factory somewhere? '

    Yes. Public school.

  7. Hey Elmo,
    Its hard for me to get that beer belly, I dont drink. It's more of a food wife is a hell of a cook.
    I DO watch MMA but I have no "tap out" shirts or affliction for that matter...not my style.
    I never work out. so no I didnt stop. I gain weight over the winter and lose in the summer, I work outside. It's the circle of life Simba.

    Your powers of perception arent nearly as keen as you think there buddy.

    Oh, you are right about one thing...there's no hair on my ass

    Nice Try Elmo

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Did you just make yourself look more retarded trying to make me look bad? Why yes...YES YOU DID!!!!

    But you're right about one thing...their IS no hair on your ass...


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