Friday, April 9, 2010

One Soldier's Response To WikiLeaks "Collateral Murder" Video.

The organization Wikileaks recently released a video of some US soldiers doing their job and killing the enemy. Of course Wikileaks goes out of it's way to misinterpret the communication between the soldiers in a effort to brand our brave service men as murderers.
Fed up with media slander of our troops, Mike from responds. Mike is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and worked is situations exactly like the soldiers in this video. Mike breaks it down here. Please take the time to read his response.Below is the video in question.


  1. Since when are journalists the enemy? The only weapons were a couple of AKs. Everyone is allowed an AK. The goal is not to kill individuals. The goal is to collect the enemy to gather intelligence so that you may break the opposing network. All this incident did was inflame the population. This probably resulted directly in the death of a handful of US soldiers in retaliation. This soldier responding was such a great rifleman they left him behind to sit at a radio at Battalion. I moved into the area just across the river from here a couple months after the incident. Apaches can be a welcome sight and scare the piss out of Iraqis. But you have to remember Soldiers are supposed to do the right thing always, not the easy thing always. Just like Navy Seals are not supposed to be beating up detainees regardless of how ruthless that detainee happens to be. Nobody needs to be defending apache pilots taking out groups of unarmed or even lightly armed people.

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