Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guy Who Bombed The Pentagon Says He's NOT a Terrorist.

What a F*cking Joke.


  1. Those f**king right wing motherf**kers and the way they incite violence when some one happens to disagree with their POW. Did you see them storm the stage with handcuffs to arrest this sack of shit? Or the way they shouted him down when he was speaking? It's a wonder they weren't forced to call the whole speech off like so many others.

    Yeah, the nerve.

    If there is a Lord in heaven above, he will never put me within arms length of this asshole.

  2. Best comment I've ever read about this creep is, "Bill Ayers is Timothy McVey with a pulse."

  3. He said because they didn't kill anyone he isn't a terrorist. Give me a break. If you blow up a building in the US, you're a TERRORIST. I thought he was a "professor"... Doesn't seem all that smart to me. Why isn't he in jail??

  4. He's a liar. Three of his own were killed in the bomb making process. Police officers and a security guard were killed.
    Why is this man even walking the streets in America?

  5. Bill Ayers a terrorist? Nah. He says his group was against war and racism. So that made everythong OK. Then again,that was probably a subtle dig at the Tea-Party protesters because most of them support the troops and the Statists, along with their willing accomplices in the press portray them as racists. He and his group only blew up Government buildings; they did not hurt or terrorize anyone. Right? Tell that to the attorney, who were prosecuting them and his family, who were terrorized at their house when they tried to blow them up. This criminal teaches on a college campus. No wonder so many kids are getting indoctrinated with teachers like him. My question is who wants to listen to this unrepentent terrorist and how much was he being paid?
    Greg Zotta
    Republican Candidate for Mo. Senate 22


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