Thursday, April 1, 2010

Credit Where Credit is Due: Letterman Fair With TEA Party Member.


  1. Letterman is a.....(no comment during Holy Week)

    The lady disarmed him at every turn.

  2. She did have a chance to denounce Letterman's assertion that it was deregulation of banks by Republicans that caused the economic crisis and did not.

  3. Give credit to Letterman for what? Mocking the Republicans?

    Sadam Hussein lost the first War,after he invadeed Kuwait,he sign a pact and did not respect it,he also used weapons of mass distruction against his own people.

    Democratic Senators,Kennedy,Carrey and Clinton said that he has them too at the time,tell Leterman to stop blameing just the Republicans for that,both party's agree to the Invasion of Iraq at the time but the Democrats jump ship later.

    The Mortgh.problem was coused by the Democrats too with Fannie & Freddy & pushing Banks to give loans to poor people with scaring tactics too,when Bush and McCaine told them that In Congress,they pulled the race card saying that they don't want minorities to get homes. Bernie Franks said 6 months before the Colapse,is no problem with Fanie and Freddy,they been showing profits.Yeah when their CEO's sign in accounters name and comited Forgerry,got convicted, one made 90 millions in 7 years,the other 70 millions in 6 years.They were both fined guilty, got fined 30 millions and later on were hired as O'Bama's economis advisers.This is the example we and our kids get from the people in charge in the best country in the World?

    This Country is being distroy by the Democrats and we want to take it back.

    That's why the Tea Party got formed because " WE THE PEOPLE" are TIRED of all the Coruption in this Democratic Aministration.I'm not afiliated with any of them,I'm an Independent but the Republicans are a lot better,they just got fooled by the Democrats because they knew how to play the Race card on them.

    I'm going to candidate for US Congress in my District this November because I just want to stop them from distroying our Constitution and our Country by takeing us to Socialism.

    Some of you Democrats better wake up before is too late.

    I lived in a Socialist Country for 20 years before I come here. I know what that is like,just think about all those people who risk their life,some of them died too, just to be Free,you guys take this Freedom for granted. That's not the way it should be because so many people Die for our Freedom too.We also have a duty to live this Country at least the same or better for our kids. The way they do things in Washington right now, I just don't see how they would be able to do that without distroying everything this Country's Founders stood for.

    Might not be too good for me to say that right before Easter but after I saw that Video,I just can't sit back here and don't say anything.

    Sorry again, 'HAPPY EASTER ' Nicky,New Jersey.


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