Friday, March 19, 2010

Pelosi Prays To St. Joseph For Abortion Bill to Pass.

She has the audacity to use 6 week old babies as an example why the bill should be passed. Meanwhile, she would have approved of public funding to abort those same babies mere months before. Sick B*tch.

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  1. Again the senate bill that is being voted on is doing nothing to further spend federal dollars on abortion, there is actually strong wording that prohibits tax dollars being spent on abortion. Yes planned parenthood is getting money as well as 1500+ federally recognized community health care clinics that dont offer abortion services, the funny thing with planned parenthood is that very few actually offer abortion services, in this state only two do. Planned parenthood also already gets 1/3 of its funding from the government, and planned parenthood is funded to do a multitude of things. The planned parenthoods that do offer abortion services do not charge on a sliding scale based on income and also there is no special abortion credits to the needy. I'm pro-choice and I do understand how others can be vehemently against planned parenthood and abortion, but dont attack a bill on the basis that it funds abortion when it doesnt.


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