Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama Allows THUG Rapper into The Situation Room.

Rapper Jay Z, who once STABBED a record executive, visited the White House on Wed. Where the Obama administration's loosey goosey additude toward security was illustrated again by allowing this violent THUG into the "situation room". Not only that, Jay Z sat at the head of the table under the Presidential Seal.

Usually, the Situation Room requires high level clearance because of the presence of sensitive information. “I believe the only exceptions had to be okay’d by either the chief of staff, national security adviser or the deputy chief of staff,” the Bush official wrote in an e-mail.
If he's this lax with his own security, why should we believe that Barry gives a flying rat's a$$ about our security?
Hattip: Daily Caller


  1. No teabaggers for meMarch 7, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    Yea, you tell 'em. We wouldn't want a president to sit on his ass and do nothing, when the CIA and many others have warned him we were about to be attacked. On Augiust 26th 2001, that's exactly what happened. BUsh the Dumber did just that, NOTHING.

  2. You mean like the Underware bomber? Obamas people had detailed intel on him, yet they did NOTHING! Same with the fort hood terrorist. Hell, they didnt even wake up Obama to tell him about the Christmas bomber untill THREE HOURS after it needs his rest.
    But GW was the one sitting on his ass doing nothing? Hillary was right. Obama is not ready to answer that 3am phone call.
    The CIA intel youre refering to was general info saying AQ wanted to use planes to attack us. Thats all it said. No details no specific info on times, dates or names.

  3. Hack Hack Hack, tool of the right, read the headline on politico about this so called movement and its weak showing in the polls. Guess what you tool George Bush doesnt give a flip about you, and Obama doesnt either, you probably also believe there is an omnipresent man in the sky that watches you and will judge you when you die. Oh Mr. Elbows you're ego is so big, but you're little more than Dana's way to fill up 8 minutes of airtime.

  4. Thats exactly right BUsh sat on his ass and did NOTHING. Richard Clark and others warned him that Osama was coming and they did not do a fucking thing.

  5. Why are you afraid to have your name associated with your posts?
    And in case, you didn't know, President Bush is not the president anymore and Preident Obama is responsible for what happens and has happened in the last year.
    Stop whining about President Bush and move on to the present. Whenever Liberals can't put together a good argument they blame President Bush and call the people they disagree with names. It is like dealing with Kindergarteners, they keep repeating the same thing while crying.

  6. So you don't care that Bush the Dumber was warned that we were about to be attacked and did nothing? You do remember that 3,000 people died?


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