Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bill Maher Lets Us Know How He Feels About Our Troops

He comes up with this stuff because its how HE really feels. Deep down He feels bad about it so he assigns these feeling to everyone to alleviate his guilt. If he makes the point that everyone hates the troops then it's not so bad that HE hates the troops.

The disrespect for our troops is palpable in this clip. The way he assumes they are too stupid to know that deployment is a possibility. Like they are little children who need to be saved from the evil military that they chose to join.

I wish I could see Bill Maher tell a Marine they are a victim of the Bush Admin and that they've been exploited. Then I'd laugh while Bill attempted to remove the boot from his a$$.

Speak For Yourself A$$HOLE!


  1. You can't fix STUPID and Maher is a first class stupid idiot!!!

  2. I'm writing from Kabul. I've spent time in uniform in some of the most dangerous areas on earth (Kashmir, Baghdad's Sadr City & Ahdamiya Dst). I have a billion times more respect for a guy like Bill Maher. He's out there and speaks his mind. He is an incredibly intelligent gentleman that people listen to and take serious. How could you possibly take issue with what he says in this clip? He’s saying soldiers aren’t compensated well enough to go into Sadr City to clear a house. Because you repeat the party line "I support the troops" does not make you a patriot. Bill Maher is a fucking patriot. Don't buy the stupid fucking magnet and stick it on your car vote out of office shithead politicians that send the youth of our nation in to harms way for litle or no reason. You think because you want to identify with the “tough guy” Republicans you have to take issue with anything someone like Bill Maher says.
    I've been following your bullshit for about the last 2 months. I have to say you are a real asshole or at least come across as one on the internet. It's clear you have little education, of course there isn't anything wrong with that as long as you stay in your lane. Luckily there are not people out there taking you serious. I will give you credit for one thing, you don’t seem to be as hateful as that fuck Jim Hoft.
    I find this post highly offensive and believe you should take it down and replace it with an apology.
    Fuck You ASSHOLE!

  3. Thank You for your service. I agree with you that our troops are underpaid and underappreciated. as far as "politicians that send the youth of our nation in to harms way for litle or no reason." We just disagree. I think taking Saddam out was good for our country. I thank you for helping in that effort.

    I hope that you return home safe.

  4. Again you show your ignorance. Watch the clip again. Maher only talks about the military being fucked by irresponsible politicians. You just stated that you agree soldiers are under compensated. I’ll reiterate there is nothing wrong with lacking intelligence, just stay in your lane. We all know taking Saddam out was not the stated reason for the invasion. Were you for a massive ground campaign in the Balkans? America refuses to learn from history. For some reason the right will not recognize what our meddling in Iran has brought upon us. Instead they want to blame Jimmy Carter and Obama. If it was up to the Tea Party we would have soldiers dying in the streets of Tehran today. If it was up to Bill Maher they would be stateside training to prep for a real conflict. You obviously are not paying attention to what is going on in Iraq right now. There is a new Saddam in town. The right loves free markets. An indigenous revolutionary ousting of Hussein would have stood a much better chance. Maliki and his Islamic Dawa Party are the new Baathists in town. You tea party folks hate Muslims and you were somehow for ousting Saddam? You gave up a secular government that ruled with an iron fist for an Islamic government (with a great potential to align themselves with Iran) that is working on slamming down that same fist.

    I’m sorry if I come across a little zealous toward your stance. But the way you view the world pisses me the fuck off. Henry Rollins says “Knowledge without mileage is bullshit to me.” You seem to have neither mileage nor knowledge. Having gotten all of that off my mind I now want to encourage you to continue working towards becoming a better man, logging those miles and stockpiling that knowledge. I do believe you are doing that and I hope you soon see the error of your ways. Keep putting pen to paper and something that makes sense will eventually flow from the well. As the great Neil Young said Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World.

    P.S. Don’t tell a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine “Thank you for your service.” It either leaves you with a feeling of alienation or comes across smarmy. It’s best to ask about the experience.

  5. Regime Change was the our policy since Bill Clinton. So yeah it was one of the reasons we went there.

    PS. I thank service men and women EVERY SINGLE TIME I see one. I will NEVER stop doing so. I always get a positive response. I would think asking about their expierience may be too intrusive or maybe prying. Although upon your advice maybe I will in the future.

    Check out this >

  6. Thank you for the post, SharpElbows.

    Its sad that the gentlement who admires Maher thinks that to victimise soldiers is patriotism.

  7. I am kind of at a loss for words right now. Some people amaze me. I am a military retiree's wife, I am a member of the Soldiers Angels Organization and I can't wrap my head about the response you have received. Our military members appreciate getting a thank you. I have never known one not to be touched by it. I also always say thank you to both current military members and veterans.
    I also KNOW why we went back to Iraq. I guess some people forget. We had a treaty with Saddam. We did not take over his country in the first Iraq War and he promised to do many things including allowing teams to come in and check out what he was building by way of weapons. He did not fulfill his end of the agreement so we just finished a war that he started when he went into Kuwait.
    As for JB, I would have tried to read and understand what you wrote but the use of foul language kept me from really wanting to finish reading it. I would say thank you for your service but you don't want me to so I won't. If you truly believe that you are just there for no good reason except to make politicians happy, I think you might not want to re-up when the time comes.
    And I am amused that you find Sharp's post offensive when yours is laced with foul language. Talk about offensive. You owe me an apology for writing that stuff where I might see it.

  8. I would like to thank you Adam for your service, which can equal what some troops are doing. Lars

  9. I appreciate the thanx but I dont risk my life for this cause. Soldiers do. I'm not even close to equal with our troops.

  10. your site scares me there are so many pictures of a scary black man with white face on and it says socialism or some beret wearing mexican man with the word hope on his t-shirt, he's probably gay seeing that he has a beret on and most likely just hopes for equal rights let's hope he never gets them I know personally that would harm my heterosexual marriage. Keep fighting the good fight with the ever so intelligent Dana Loesch Mr. S so that one day I wont have to deal with gays,blacks,city slickers,media elites,people from coastal states,athiests,pagans, oh and worst of all liberals.

    P.S. I love Reagan also, the war on drugs worked so well!


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