Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Super Classy O.F.A. "SOTU" Watch Party.


  1. "Insulting, lying, and defaming people"...the comments of the last woman describing the teapartiers. Hmmm. Sounds like she is describing Obama and the Democrats. I can't remember a group in recent American history which has totally ignored the people and their wishes. The teapartiers DO know what they want...smaller government, lower taxes, generally, the government out of our lives to the maximum extent possible. We want the exact opposite of the Pelosi/Reid agenda.

    Simple and sweet.


    Where would we be without you? I don't want to know! Keep up the great work!

  3. Hmmm... "Be Nice!"... ok... well... with actions speaking louder than words...together with their words (or "honey's" words anyway)... the OFA does a fine job of saying who they really are.


  4. I did a little research and found that Klippers isn't on United Here Local #74 list of union houses. Given how Obama's buddy, Andy Sterns, want card check, livable wages and health care for all, did any OFA event planner check that Klippers was up to speed or Klippers is nearby.

    More likely, those in this group of the Obama faithfuls, never were concern about those who worked that night. I wouldn't be too surprised if some OFA members presented made good union wages and benefits, yet as part of this group were too cheap to order off the menu. Hey those A-B products from the bar cost alot more than buying a 12 packs at the grocery store.

    The bottom line is that this group of el cheapos liberals hold an attitude of just wanting something for nothing.


Be Nice!