Tuesday, January 12, 2010

SHOCK VIDEO: Democrats PAYING Union Members To Support Coakley.

With the special election to fill the senate seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy coming up next week. The Massachussets Dems must be really worried, they're forcing union members to hold campaign signs. Listen closely. The union member holding the Martha Coakley sign says "They made us come down here." and he admits to getting paid to do so. Then the best part, He claims he's voting for the Republican Brown!

I thought the TEA Partiers were the astroturf. Hmmmmm I'm confused.

"If they want their 50 bucks, they're gonna do what they're told."

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  1. Nothing should suprise us anymore! What low lifes Democrats are. This is a sad world when they have to resort to such dishonest tactics. Thanks goes to the guys that admitted they were paid and are going to vote for Scott.


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