Saturday, January 9, 2010

Obama Is Scared Bleepless of Scott Brown.

On January 19th There will be a special election in Massachusetts to fill senate seat left vacant by AquaMan... I mean Ted Kennedy.

The Democrat is a shoe in right? It's Ted Kennedy's seat. Theres NO WAY the people of Massachusetts would replace Ted Kennedy with a Republican, right? Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in the union would vote for a liberal in a normal situation. But this special election to replace their beloved pickled Senator Kennedy would make it even more likely for them to elect a Democrat. Doing so would be to honor Teddy, to carry on the legacy.

But to the surprise and dismay of many, the Republican candidate Scott Brown is making this a serious race, way closer than it should be. Some new polls even show him with a slim lead over Democrat Martha Coakley.

Don't think it could happen? Barrack Obama does. This from OFA today:
Friend --
On Tuesday, January 19th, there's a special election in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.
While the large majority of Massachusetts voters support the Democratic candidate, Attorney General Martha Coakley, special interests have poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars to mislead voters -- and the traditionally low turnout in special elections means this race could be very, very close.
No matter where you live, you can play an essential role. OFA volunteers around the country are calling key Massachusetts voters and making sure they know when and where to vote, and how important electing Martha Coakley is to the country.
Can you help by calling potential voters in Massachusetts?

The White House is worried, and they should be. The people of the great state of Massachusetts see what's at stake. They see this administration, one vote away from passing an unconstitutional "HealthCare" bill. They know Obamacare is only the beginning. Barry has big plans for that 60th vote in 2010. Now, the power to stop it just fell into their laps. Thanks Teddy.

People of Massachusetts, Please Do The Right Thing.

And for those who want to help Scott Brown stop the Obama agenda------>Click Here<--------

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  1. As the leader of the sheeple shouldn't he be scared "bleatless"?


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