Thursday, January 7, 2010

Howard Stern Show's Artie Lange Attempts Suicide.

Artie Lange joined the Stern show in 2001 and his stories of drug addiction and battles with his demons have become show legend. From his battle with heroin addiction to his guilt over the death of his father, Artie has shared his life and his pain with millions of Stern show fans. Unfortunately his demons got the better of him over the Christmas holiday. Artie's mother found him bleeding in his New Jersey apartment. The actor/comedian had stabbed himself 9 times. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed life saving surgery.
Click Here For Artie Lange Suicide Attempt Details.

Some of you may have seen the video "endorsement" of this website by Artie. That was filmed during a book signing over this past summer. Here is my favorite picture from that day and a little bit of video of Artie and I discussing this very website. Listen as Artie wonders what exactly "Sharp Elbows" is. MAJOR CONTENT WARNING ON THIS VIDEO. Especially if you're a fan of Niel Sedaka.

I'm writing this post because I am a HUGE Stern Show fan and Artie has made me laugh thousands of times and now he's made me cry. Get better Artie, Stern Nation LOVES YOU!!

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