Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frozen Fun At Claire McCaskill's!

With the vote on healthcare reform imminent, 100 patriots gathered outside Claire MCaskills Office in the freezing cold, to remind her that the majority of her constituents oppose ObamaCare.
Dana addressed the crowd using some high tech equipment.

People filtered in and out to let Claire's staffers know how they feel. The staff handled it better this time than they did the last time we protested there. They locked the doors and called the cops then. Today they let us in and heard us out.

After awhile it was our turn to have our say. Myself, Dana Loesch and several other Patriots made our way into the office occompanied by a reporter from the RiverFront Times.

Now, Will Claire Bear Heed Our Warning? Or Will She Fall On Her Sword For Barry's Ego?

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