Thursday, December 17, 2009

Al Franken Is a Petty Little Punk.

Stuart Smalley just waltzes into the senate and starts flouting common courtesy. Cutting off Joe Lieberman, not allowing him an extra few minutes to finish his point. Which is a common practice in the senate. Well it was before these smug Democrats came into power this year.
This is just disgusting. It really pisses me off to see this rookie Senator come in and treat Joe Lieberman like a child. Not just because of his senate experience, but how about some plain old repect for ones elders?

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  1. Franken is only there because ACORN stoled the election. I can't take too much more of these stupid communists. Why doesn't history inform these arrogant fools? Do they believe that communism has been succesfull? Do poor people think the democrats have helped them get out of poverty? Are they absolutely insane?


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