Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just For Fun. Carnahan Protest REMIX!


  1. Sharp, I just watched your "Russ Carnahan Protest REMIX" and laughed for the first time today. Thanks, buddy. That was great. It's going on my site so the tens of thousands of my readers (hahhahaha--I wish!) can see it.

    Great job, as usual.

  2. I was watching this Russ Carnahan video and laughing, and my husband came upstairs to check on me, knowing I've been pretty down all day. "Are you OK?" he wanted to know. Yep--I'm good. All of us "teabaggers" are not going away. We're going to be the Democrat's worst nightmare. My new bumper sticker: "Dump the Pelosi 220!"

  3. Thanx Touched,
    I'm glad someone likes these. They dont get alot of views. I just like making them. I'm glad I could bring you a smile


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