Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tons Of Video and More Pics From Quincy.

Michael Patrick Leahy Lays It Out Alinsky Style!

The Greatest Tattoo EVER!

Glen Reynolds Was Nice Enough To Let Me Piggyback On His Interview With Roger Stone.

Andrew Breitbart And Glen Reynolds "InstaPundit" Two GIANTS Of The New Media.

Kevin Jackson Of The Black Sphere and Author Of" The Big Black Lie" Broke It Down For Us.

Bill Hennessy Was Fired Up.
Jim Hoft "Gateway Pundit" Spoke About the Van Jones Issue.

My Camera Battery Died So I dont Have Video Of All The Speakers. These Patriots Also Addressed The Crowd.

Former State Senator John Loudon.

Radio Show Host And All Around FIRECRACKER Dana Loesch Spoke.

Dr.Gina Loudon.

The Man Who Will Unseat Russ Carnahan: Ed Martin.

Becky From Touched With Fire (pictured below) Another St Louis Blogger Was Also There. Along With ReBoot Congress, A Traditional Life Lived, Keyboard Militia, Founding Bloggers.. It Was Almost A Blogger Convention.

All Around, A Great Success And A Helluva Good Time!

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