Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Official, Ed Martin Is In!

Ed Martin officially announced his candidacy for congress Wednesday evening. In front of about 500 people in the parking lot of McArthurs Bakery, Ed made it clear that it's time to send Russy boy home.

Before Ed Came To The Stage, David McArthur read a stirring letter from his his son, a Marine who is currently fighting over seas.
Then it was time for the man of the hour. Ed hit the stage....after climbing a ladder to get there. They didn't get giant checks from the unions like Russy does. So Ed's campaign makes do with whats available. Whatever it takes.
Here is the actual announcement. It is OFFICIALLY ON!!
It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows...the opposition was in full effect!

Best Sign Of The Evening!

Buh Bye ButtHead...I Mean Russ. I Get Confused Sometimes. Common Mistake.


  1. If you really believed ANY of the crap you say, you would not be supporting the TAX and SPEND Republicrats who wasted over 900 billions dollars in Iraq! We need a THIRD party that actually understands the constitution!

  2. 3rd party peeps like you brought us Bill Clinton. Thanx but no thanx


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