Monday, August 10, 2009

Dana Loesch Interviews Kenneth Gladney.

Listen To This Interview, Arm Yourselves With The Facts Of This Case So You Can Fight the Smear Campaign.
Fact Versus Fiction: Reported By Gateway Pundit

False-- Kenneth was hired by conservatives to stir up the violent attack that put him in the hospital.
Kenneth was there to hand out and sell merchandise.

False-- Kenneth was recently laid off.
Kenneth was unemployed.

False-- Kenneth does not have medical insurance.
He is covered under his wife's plan.

False-- Kenneth started the violence.
SEIU Public Service Director of Local 2000 Elston McGowan who claims he was the victim is twice Kenneth's size.

True-- SEIU members attacked him.
At least 3 members attacked Kenneth and 1 member smashed a woman in the face.

True-- Kenneth was hurt and spent the night in the hospital.

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