Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carnival Of Carnahan.

I took an hour off work today to cover Russ Carnahan's "Press Conference" this morning. Russ refused to allow independent media in so I was relegated to filming the fun outside. Thanx To Reboot Congress For The Video Help. This Guy Was Pretty Funny. I Think Maybe I Reached Him. Either Way A Star Is Born! Language Warning.
My New Buddy Cory Williams.

Carnahan's Chief Of Staff Lied To The Cops. He told Them Russ would Give a Statement In The Front Of The Dealership. I Didn't Buy It And I Hung Out In Back And Caught Russ Sneakin Out The Back Door.
Then I Caught The Congressman's Advisor Or Employee On His way Out.

Kevin Jackson, The Black Sphere Was In The House.

One More Video Just For Fun Concerned Citizens ask Questions Of Russ's Toadie Because Russ Was A Coward And Wouldn't Face The People.

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