Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama Tells Joe Buck, "We're Out Of Money" At The All Star Game.

After Throwing Out The First Pitch At The Allstar Game (and getting boo'ed while doing it) Obama Went Up To The Booth To Talk To Joe Buck. Where He Proceeds To Tell Joe That "Were Out Of Money". Hes Not Exaggerating. Every Dollar He Has Spent And Will Spend Is Borrowed From China. So If There Is No Money Left Why Is He Pushing Socialized HealthCare? Thats Gonna Cost Trillions Of Dollars And More Than A Few Lives. Why Don't You Find Somewhere To Cut The Budget Barry Since "We're Out Of Money". I Know When I'm Low On Cash I Tend To Spend Less. Not Barack, He's Like A College Kid Who's Daddy Gave Him A Credit Card. Daddy Will Pay The Bill. Unfortunately We're Daddy. And Daddy Is Broke At The Moment.
So Go Back To D.C. And Figure Out A Way To Spend Less. Oh Nice Mom Jeans By The Way. He's Such A Nerd.

And Here Is Barry Getting Boo'ed In His Mom Jeans. Nice Job St. Louis You Made Me Proud.

Note The Driver Of Stan Musial's Golf Cart. He Wants NOTHING To Do With Obama. LOL

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