Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Liberal Tolerance Alert. Conservative Kiosk Evicted From Mall

A Kiosk Called "Free Market Warrior" Was Evicted From The Concord Mills Mall In Charlotte North Carolina This Week. This Kiosk was Welcomed Into The Mall A Few Months Ago. But When The Manager Of The Mall Saw What They were Selling. They Were Kicked Out.
What Could He Have Been Selling To Garner This Response? Was He Selling Pornography? Drugs? Guns? Nope, Worse. He Was Selling Conservative Items! OHH GOD! It Was Terrible. Pro Life T-Shirts, Anti-Obama Materials and The Most Disturbing Of All Anti-IRS Toilet Paper. Thank God They Removed This Kiosk Before These Items Corrupted The Youth Of North Carolina.
Why Would The Manager Of This Mall Want To Get Rid Of This Kiosk? Because He's A BIG Time Donor To The Democrats And Specifically Obama.
Of Course The Mall Is Privately Owned And They Can Lease To Whoever They Want. But This Mall Also Houses Stores That Sell Pro-Drug T-shirts. So Pro-Drug Good. Pro-Life Bad.
Liberal Tolerance.
Click Here For The Story And Video.

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