Friday, July 17, 2009

If You Weren't Worried Yet. Be Worried Now. Obama Says HealthCare "Reform" IS Coming This Year.

This Is It. This Isn't A Little Tax Hike. This Isn't The Government Take Over Of GM. This Isn't One Of Those Things That Obama Does That Won't Effect You. This Is You And Your Family's Very Life And Health At Stake. Your Freedom To Decide For Yourself What is In Your Best Interest.
This Bill Will Put Government In Between You And Your Doctor. It's An Absolute Maze Of Government Red Tape. This Bill Creates 31 NEW GOVERNMENT AGENCIES!!! And You Think Your Insurance Company Is Bad. Look At The Below Diagram. Click To Enlarge It.

And Don't Buy It When They Say " Anyone Who Likes Their HealthCare Plan Now, Can Keep It". BULLS**T! This Bill Forbids Employers From Adding New Members To Their Insurance Plans On The Day ObamaCare Goes Into Effect. So Eventually The Private Insurance Companies Will "Whither On The Vine" To Quote Newt.
So For God's Sake Call Your Congressman And Senators And Tell Them Nicley Where They Can Put Their HealthCare "Reform".
In MO, Clair McCaskill's Office # Is 314-367-1364

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